Birthday recap 2013

I admit that I got off to a late start today – particularly since I woke up after I had expected to leave for the day’s festivities. So like it or not, I was going to have to rearrange my schedule – considerably.

By the time I was showered, dressed and ready to leave it was already 11:25am. I made my way down the hill to the light rail where a northbound train was already waiting for me to board. I had planned on going to the Harbor East, but why argue with convenience?

I arrived at Hunt Valley at 12:11pm and immediately headed over to Caribou Coffee which offers a “free medium coffee on your birthday.” Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my ID to prove it was my birthday, but they decided to waive the requirement for the sake of moving the line. The coffee was actually really good, and the young woman who gave it to me was the first person today to wish me a “happy birthday” without me prompting her.

I finished my coffee and decided to wander around the shops (which weren’t all that crowded for a weekend in December). Then I made my way to the cinemas at the back of the mall and bought a ticket for a nearly sold-out matinee of Disney’s Frozen. I won’t get into details about it here, but, suffice to say, I was a little disappointed in the film (particularly since I own stock in Disney).

The movie got out at 3:12pm, and I slowly made my way towards the light rail station again. Just like earlier, the train was already sitting there, but this time it took another 10-15 minutes for it to depart the station (as of 3:35pm, not one person on Facebook wished me a “happy birthday”). It got me back to Mt Royal at 4:35pm and from there is only a 10 minute walk up the hill to my apartment…

But that didn’t mean my day was over. I went downstairs, got a shower, got dressed and was back out the door by 6pm. This time I knew ahead of time where I was going… I just didn’t know how I was getting back (as light rail and the city’s free circulator bus end service at 7pm and 8pm respectively).

My first stop was the mini restaurant row there on Charles\Preston Streets. I would have preferred a real sit down restaurant, but I knew I couldn’t risk it time wise. I was somewhat surprised by how quickly I had finished my food, and even more surprised that no one had wished me a “happy birthday” on Facebook yet.

After disembarking the circulator at 7pm, I made my way up St Paul St, across the street and around the corner to the large brick building that dominated the block because I knew if there was ONE institution that wouldn’t let me down on my birthday – it was Center Stage. They even offered me “rush” tickets without me having to ask.

I was wrong, but I’d rather not discuss it here. You can, however, read my very low opinion of their show here. Fortunately, there was an intermission about halfway through the show so I was able to make a quick exit (something I don’t normally do as a drama critic) and since it was a rush ticket, I was only losing half of what I would have paid if I bought in advance.

When I got back to my apartment at 10pm, I had a notification on my phone – someone had finally written a birthday wish on my wall. J

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