Closing time

Wow, I just forced myself to check the site stats on my blogs: Only 338 unique visitors for my mobile gaming blog since October of 2012 (the art\theatre blog is around 1200 but it got an inherited readership… and a six month head start).

I don’t care how many people read THIS blog, but for the other two that number it is downright discouraging – to the point that it makes justifying their existence next to impossible. That’s why today when I posted on a story I wrote back in December (and dated as such), I followed it up with a simple graphic dated two weeks later (Dec 29th) with the caption “sleep tight…and Servus.”

I also plan on doing the same for the art\theatre blog when the theatrical season ends in late May, and the truth is: it’s a long time coming. I’ve been increasingly bored with the whole routine lately. Seeing shows ONLY because I feel I HAVE to, and I realized that not only is that unfair to the actors\set designers\etc. but, more importantly, it also isn’t a very compelling reason to continue writing a blog I have zero passion for.

The only problem real problem I see with this decision is that it means I’ll be unemployed (again), but like the saying goes:

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end…

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