Live blogging the storm (Wednesday)

5:05pm – Welcome, I it is the evening of the second biggest storm of the year in Baltimore (so far). Nothing has started yet, but Foote’s Forecast is calling for 6-10 inches (up from 5-9 inches 12hrs earlier).

5:15pm – Accuweather is reporting snow as far south as Georgia\South Carolina with precipitation already reaching DC\Northern Va.

5:17pm – Gov. Martin O’Malley declares a “State of Emergency” for Maryland.

5:35pm – The AP is already reporting 9 deaths and 3000 delayed\cancelled flights across the deep south as a result of this storm. Comments section is predictably full of the same anti-Global Warming junk that goes under all winter weather stories.

5:43pm – The Weather Channel is calling for 5-8 inches of snow in Baltimore – whereas Accuweather is slightly more conservative calling for 4-8” with a mix of rain\sleet towards morning.

5:45pm – it’s cold, and slightly breezy outside (7mph from the WSW) but the precipitation hasn’t started yet. I’m hoping the storm bypasses us entirely…

(insert FB graphic here)

5:50pmReuters is reporting at least 10 deaths as a result of this storm.

6:08pm – The Weather Channel is calling for heavy snow to start in DC around midnight (or at least heavy snow anyway)

6:15pmLiveScience (via Yahoo News) has pictures of the storm from space. Interesting.

6:28pm – Foote’s Forecast shows the snow approaching the Maryland State Line with snow starting around 9pm.

7:01pm – Radar may show it in the area, but it’s not snowing in Baltimore just yet! But, sadly, the hourly forecasts at both TWC\Accuweather say it should start within the next hour or two…

7:15pm – Foot’s Forecast is calling for heavy snow overnight with wetter heavier snow towards daybreak eventually switching over to sleet\freezing rain for rush hour.

7:53pm – TWC is calling for heavy snow in DC\Baltimore overnight switching over to rain by morning hours…whereas Boston\Philly\NYC are looking to see mostly rain out of this storm (their northwest suburbs on the other hand are going to get clubbered).

8:07pm – TWC is also reporting that travel out of most cities will be difficult as flights out of most airports have been cancelled tonight through tomorrow as have Amtrak’s Crescent, Silver Meteor\Silver Star, Carolinian, Piedmont and Palmetto…

8:11pm – However MTA bus\rail lines in Maryland are reportedly running on schedule for tomorrow morning. (!)

8:31pm – There is a dusting of snow on sidewalks and on top of cars, but no visible snowfall. Wind is audibly louder than it was when I started this post.

8:36pmReuters is reporting that 13 people are now reported dead because of this storm with 363 thousand homes\businesses without power throughout the southeastern US. Comments section is unusually quiet.

8:50pm – The AP is reporting that 330thousand flights have been cancelled and half a million people are without power. Northern Virginia state police have responded over 100 vehicular accidents.

9:07pm – Still just a dusting outside. Wind has died down slightly, but light snow is currently falling.

9:17pm – The comments section under the main AP\Reuters articles on Yahoo News is still remarkably quiet. Where are all the usual “it’s warm and sunny here in Calif.\Florida” comments that people usually LOVE to attach to stories like this?

9:30pm – Foot’s forecast is still calling this a snow event (accumulating 6-10 inches, unchanged from 5pm update) with sleet\freezing rain in the morning switching back to snow in the afternoon.

10:15pm – TWC states that Baltimore has gotten about eighttenths of an inch of snow from the storm so far with anywhere between 5-8 inches of snow falling in the overnight hours before switching over to rain by sunrise.

10:41pm – MTA has announced that has cancelled both its MARC train service (which is technically run by Amtrak) and Commuter Bus service for Thursday. No word yet on service changes for Light Rail or Metro subway.

11:01pm – NWS (via Baltimore Brew) is calling for 7-12 inches of snow with high winds (15-20mph) for Baltimore City! Snow will still apparently change to sleet\freezing rain in the morning, but is expected to change back to snow in the afternoon.

11:29pm – TWC is currently reporting 1.5” of snow in Baltimore City. We’ll see in the morning if they were correct about the 5-8” part…

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