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live blogging the storm: Thursday evening

4:06pm – The Maryland Zoo announces that it’s annual “Sex at the Zoo” event for tomorrow will be held as scheduled. That’s good, I guess.

4:32pm – That was definitely THUNDER I just heard! According to Foot’s team, it was Thundersleet!

5:04pmLiveScience on The Weather Channel’s decision to name winter storms.

5:35pm – Had half a box of mac & cheese for dinner – which is good because that box and a can of Campbell’s soup are the only food in this apartment for a while (as I’ll probably be snowed in for the next few days…and then the roads\sidewalks will be too treacherous to travel on.) I HATE winter!

5:43pm – All the other theaters in DC\Baltimore are closed, but Yellow sign is STILL hosting its mini-film fest “What the Fuck Were They Thinking.”

6:17pm – Foot’s Forecast is calling for 1-2” of sleet\snow between 6-9pm. They also point out that the worst of the storm has already shifted north into Philly.

6:37pm – Cloudy skies in Philadelphia with rain changing to snow this evening with an additional 3-5 inches of snow expected overnight. Meanwhile there is light snow is falling in Albany – neither city will see temps get out of the low-30s tonight.

6:52pm – Providence (RI) has gotten 3.9” of snow, but any precip they get tonight will be mainly rain. Ditto for Boston which is seeing a lot of wind and heavy rain but almost no snowfall as temps will remain in the mid-30s through tomorrow.

7:49pm – The AP issued another round-up of snow storm related capsules.  The fact that 845 thousand people are still without power was new, but the cancellation of the winter tourism festival was in their last batch.

8:13pm – TWC says the latest round of snow should peter out around midnight with temps steady at or near 33 through daybreak. Tomorrow will be sunny so I might get to see some melting on the patio…as to whether I’ll be able to get the door open and actually go anywhere this weekend remains to seen.

8:54pm – If Foot’s forecast is correct, than the latest round of snow\sleet should be over in about six minutes. If TWC is right than we’ve got about three hours left of this, either way this storm is over tonight and we can get back to our lives. Spring can’t come fast enough.

P.S – This is my 215th post.


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Live blogging the storm: Thursday afternoon

12:05pm – The AP (finally moving their dateline from Atlanta to Philly) is reporting that Baltimore received 15 inches of snow, whereas DC had 11” and Philly only 9”. The story also said that 14 people have died as a result of the storm so far with 200,000 homes still without power… in Georgia alone.

12:15pm – While both Center Stage and Annex Theatre have cancelled their shows for tonight, Station North’s Yellow Sign is defiantly staying open for their (aptly titled) presentation of “What the Fuck Were They Thinking.”

12:25pm – The Weather Channel is calling for cloudy skies through 4pm with temps in the upper 30s…before more snow arrives around 6 (bringing anywhere from 1-3 additional inches of precipitation)

12:31pm – TWC is reporting light snowfall in Harrisburg (6.6” so far) and Williamsport (2.8” so far). Albany has seen only 1.8” so far with heavy snow expected to arrive later in the day (accumulating 6-8”)

12:43pmReuters (writing out of NYC) is reporting that one thousand passengers spent the night on cots at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, and that NYC school districts are under fire for keeping schools open today (thus putting students\teachers at risk both getting to\back from school). Nearly all other schools and government offices from DC to Connecticut are closed today.

12:45pmReuters is also reporting that the weather may have caused a train of crude oil to derail in Pennsylvania. Investigators are on their way.

1:20pm – wind appears to be picking up slightly with occasional gusts heard over the sound of melting snow coming off the roof.

1:57pm – TWC has pushed back the snow from 4pm to 5pm… but they are still predicting 1-3 inches of snow from earlier. Meanwhile, snow melting off the roof has remained steady for past few hours.

2:29pm – Wilkes-Barre (Pa) is already reporting 4.2” of snow with heavy snow expected to reach them this sometime this afternoon. Similarly, Albany (NY) is reporting 4.6” with “heavy snow” and is predicted to get anywhere between 11-15” before the storm pushes out later tonight…

2:31pm -Whereas Coral Gables (Fl) has “mostly cloudy” skies with temperatures in the mid-70s all day with no chance of precipitation through the next 5 days. *sigh*

2:47pm – Accuweather is still calling for rain\snow to start around 4pm and last through the evening hours…fortunately, the threat of ice melts away by 11pm.

3:15pm – TWC is reporting 6.7” of snow in Harrisburg (Pa) with light precipitation with temps staying steady in the mid-30s through the rest of the afternoon before dropping below freezing again after sunset.

3:27pm – The leaking tanker cars from the train derailment earlier today have apparently been plugged already despite 4” of snow. Federal investigators are still en route. No injuries or fires have been reported.

3:55pm – Foot’s Forecast is predicting another round of snow beginning around 5pm from a fast moving “mini hurricane” that could bring an additional 2-3” of snow per hour before heading up the coast this evening.  Great…

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Live blogging the storm: Thursday morning

9:00am – Good morning, my alarm just officially went off (after being woken up by people coming into the building and stomping snow off their feet at least three times last night, one of the perils of having your bed less than 10’ from the only entrance to\from the garage).

9:11amThe Baltimore Sun is reporting that “more than 10 inches of snow” fell in the city overnight. The Weather Channel is reporting “15.7 inches” for the past 24 hours. There is significant snow on the ground, but less than an ¼ inch on my windowsill.

9:50am – Sounds as if it has either started raining… or the snow has started melting (34 degrees outside now) and is slowly dripping off the roof.

9:53am – Meanwhile, it is still snowing in Harrisburg which currently has 5.7 inches (with another 2-3” expected through 2:30pm). Also, first time I’ve heard the outside door open in several hours meaning it is not “snowed shut” as I’d imagined it to be.

10:08am – Apparently, someone has started shoveling the walkway from the garage across the side of the building towards the other exterior units.

10:15am – Both buses and Light Rail are operating today: The former on alternate “snow routes” and the latter with significant delays (30 minutes or more) in the northern suburbs.  Metro subway is running “on time” (though most of its route north and west of downtown is above ground)

10:25amReuters (via Yahoo News) is reporting that while government offices as well as public transit in DC are closed today, public schools are OPEN in New York City. Comments section appears to be back to normal (though Yahoo tends to post new stories over older ones of the same topic without clearing comments)

11:08am – the rain-like noise has gotten heavier, but there is no visible precipitation. The snow on the patio outside looks more like a slushy ice pond rather than a pristine snowfield – hopefully with temperatures above freezing all day it won’t be too bad for the weekend.

11:10am – Accuweather is reporting that storm will continue quickly up the East Coast, dumping up to 1’ of snow in inland areas such as Harrisburg (Pa) and Albany (NY) while coastal cities are getting mainly mixed precipitation.

11:13am – Foot’s Forecast is calling for a break in precipitation through 2pm with more “waves” of snow\freezing rain coming across the Chesapeake Bay into Maryland between 3-9pm (predicting 3-4 additional inches through tonight).

11:40am – Accuweather is predicting 12 inches total snowfall from this storm, but a chance of another storm later in the weekend as a front moves across the central plains…perfect.

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