live blogging the storm: Thursday evening

4:06pm – The Maryland Zoo announces that it’s annual “Sex at the Zoo” event for tomorrow will be held as scheduled. That’s good, I guess.

4:32pm – That was definitely THUNDER I just heard! According to Foot’s team, it was Thundersleet!

5:04pmLiveScience on The Weather Channel’s decision to name winter storms.

5:35pm – Had half a box of mac & cheese for dinner – which is good because that box and a can of Campbell’s soup are the only food in this apartment for a while (as I’ll probably be snowed in for the next few days…and then the roads\sidewalks will be too treacherous to travel on.) I HATE winter!

5:43pm – All the other theaters in DC\Baltimore are closed, but Yellow sign is STILL hosting its mini-film fest “What the Fuck Were They Thinking.”

6:17pm – Foot’s Forecast is calling for 1-2” of sleet\snow between 6-9pm. They also point out that the worst of the storm has already shifted north into Philly.

6:37pm – Cloudy skies in Philadelphia with rain changing to snow this evening with an additional 3-5 inches of snow expected overnight. Meanwhile there is light snow is falling in Albany – neither city will see temps get out of the low-30s tonight.

6:52pm – Providence (RI) has gotten 3.9” of snow, but any precip they get tonight will be mainly rain. Ditto for Boston which is seeing a lot of wind and heavy rain but almost no snowfall as temps will remain in the mid-30s through tomorrow.

7:49pm – The AP issued another round-up of snow storm related capsules.  The fact that 845 thousand people are still without power was new, but the cancellation of the winter tourism festival was in their last batch.

8:13pm – TWC says the latest round of snow should peter out around midnight with temps steady at or near 33 through daybreak. Tomorrow will be sunny so I might get to see some melting on the patio…as to whether I’ll be able to get the door open and actually go anywhere this weekend remains to seen.

8:54pm – If Foot’s forecast is correct, than the latest round of snow\sleet should be over in about six minutes. If TWC is right than we’ve got about three hours left of this, either way this storm is over tonight and we can get back to our lives. Spring can’t come fast enough.

P.S – This is my 215th post.


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