How to get fired without really trying

I ran out of cash yesterday so I decided to go down to the ATM outside the bank branch. I leave the machine and decide to head to the deli next door. Just as I was about to enter the establishment, an older couple stop me. But the lady never actually asked me anything and then stood there stammering there before asking what is “WRONG” with me and then finally releasing me to go into the restaurant before I could say anything to her.

I go in, look up at their menu but before I could order anything the same couple comes in points at me and demands “Does HE work here? Yes, HIM right here!”

“No ma’am, he no work here.”

“This ‘man’ right here – does he work here?!”

“He no work here.”

 She looks at the lady behind the counter skeptically, and then glares at me with that searing “you know what you did and I disapprove of it” look.

That’s the thing, I have no idea what I supposedly did to her, but I know what SHE was trying to do to me. Unfortunately for her, she cannot just saunter into an establishment and “fire” someone who was never hired just because… I have no idea.

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