Orlando Apt Hunting: Day 2

I was woken up by the people in the neighboring room at 7:38am. Sorry, that’s waay too early for me, fortunately I fell back asleep once they finally left, and woke up again at 10:13am which is too late for Orlando in peak season. On the plus side, no-one responded to my most recent round of appointment requests so there was nothing on the docket for the day anyway.

I took the trolley to SeaWorld, and waited in what seemed like a never ending line for a ticket. The lines in the park however ran quickly – even the popular “Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin” was only about 35 minutes long to get in (and about the same to get out due to the poor layout in the unloading area).

I had a quick lunch in their cafeteria and continued wandering around the park looking for shows that fit my interests and whose times didn’t overlap. Finally I made it all the way around the park and stopped into the ice cream stand at “Shamu’s Happy Harbor.” This place had a line, mostly because the sole cashier working there was new to the job and dealing with a customer who insisted on speaking (sorry berating) the poor kid’s manager while my soft serve quickly melted in front of me (even though the building itself was air conditioned). A second employee showed up and took over register two, and I was able to finish my dessert outside (as the venue had no indoor seating).

Around 2pm, it started to rain. This was okay by me as I was basically finished there anyway. The rain was heavy and cold… and it stopped the second I arrived back at my hotel. I check my e-mail downstairs and find I have a bite for 5pm – same place from yesterday evening.

Said unit was the same size and number of bedrooms as before, but the patio (facing directly into the neighboring unit) and all rooms were smaller including the convenient “pass-through” closet. I’d keep it in mind.

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