Moving sale

Three days ago, I put an ad on classified website Craigslist looking to unload some of my unwanted furniture. I’m well aware that I’m probably going to have to dump most of it (already contacted some hauling companies), but I have gotten at least two responses from this ad so far. Nothing has been sold yet, but it’s already more promising than my apartment listing on the same site (especially since I’m writing this post from said apartment).

In other news, I have an apartment waiting for me in Orlando. I just have to turn in my keys and fine a way to get everything down there. Do I job down there? No, but one of the major stumbling blocks I faced (illustrated by the Disney debacle from a few months ago) was that I wasn’t currently living down there. If I can get rid of ONE excuse, the others shouldn’t be that hard to overcome either – especially since this is the hardest (both physically and mentally) as well as most time consuming to tackle.

If there is ONE place on the planet where EVERYONE has an opportunity to succeed – it’s Orlando. In the coming months, I will find out if I have what it takes to seize said opportunities… or if I’ll have another Baltimore situation on my hands.

Wish me luck. Servus.


Update: I spent an hour or so staging photos of all my furniture last night (during the second half of the UM-FSU game) and posted them this morning while waiting for one of the potential buyers to show up. Hopefully, this generates a little bit more interest in them.

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