Miscallaneous moving data

Nov 16th: I spent an hour or so staging photos of all my furniture last night (during the second half of the UM-FSU game) and posted them this morning while waiting for one of the potential buyers to show up. Hopefully, this generates a little bit more interest in them.

Nov 17th: Sold first piece of furniture this morning. I thought it might be sad or something, but it wasn’t. Also, I finally got rid of an ugly, uncomfortable lounger that I never really liked. I was just going to toss it, but if someone actually wants it than who am I to judge them.

Nov 18th: I spent this morning on the phone reassuring the property manager that despite not having a job, I was more than capable of paying rent on time. He claims he will send me an e-mail presently…but doesn’t.

He called back at 1:24pm (3hrs after than his first call) to tell me he sent me an e-mail with fees and first month rent. Interestingly enough, this is the first place that will not give me keys unless I hand them a statement from a Florida electricity provider (I think that’s probably more of a technicality than anything else).

In the meantime, I have an address and a move-in date so that’s a positive. 😎 Now I just need to get rid of all this furniture…

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