The morning report (and I don’t do mornings)

I woke up at 4:30 this morning due to the oppressive humidity. It was too hot to stay in bed, but it was too get out of it. Finally around sunrise, I stopped pretending like I was going to get back to sleep and went over to the closet to get a sweatshirt and sweatpants.

I go into the spare bedroom, turn on my laptop and check my e-mail/FB/RSS feeds. Apparently, nothing changed since 11’oclock last night so I stripped my sweat stained clothes off and took the hottest shower I could stand hoping that would warm me up. I come out of the bathroom, and the clock on the nightstand read: 6:59am. This was going to be a long day…

I check the weather app on my phone “65 with foggy conditions” and promptly put the sweatshirt and long pants back on. I decide to go out on the balcony, but when I opened the door the valance fell off getting itself tangled in the blinds. It took 15 minutes to fix it, and when I went outside I thought “since I’m up, I might as well DO something productive – bills, writing, and maybe these coin wrappers to the bank. Bonus: I can get some breakfast while I’m out.”

I haven’t had breakfast in forever; the only question was where to get it at? Denny’s, Perkins or IHOP seemed like the most obvious choices, but none of them were immediately on my way to the bank. Actually, Denny’s was, but I didn’t really want a sit down meal. This left only the McDonald’s outside the bank… and whether I wanted to eat first or do the deposit first?

I had forty minutes to think it over, but first I had to refix the valance. I changed out of the sweatpants, put on regular shorts and grabbed the coins off the counter. I got about 2 blocks away from the apartment when I looked down and noticed how filthy my sweatshirt actually was so I took it off. Mind you, the temperature hadn’t changed so it was a tad chilly to be walking around with a sweatshirt tied around my waist, but, whatever, it was 5 or 6 more blocks.

I decided to eat first as I wasn’t sure what kind of line I’d face inside the bank first thing Monday morning. I wasn’t expecting a line inside the restaurant, but there was one. The cashier seemed friendly enough, but she was clearly new to her job as she needed two managers to show her how to add “Café” coffees to my meal instead of regular coffee. She was apologetic about the delay, but also seemed confused when I asked for it “hot” instead of “iced” (though to be fair, it IS a somewhat rare choice in Florida).

The order came up surprisingly quick. My coffee was lukewarm and my sandwich tasted like cardboard, but it was indeed the right meal so who was I to complain.

The line inside the bank did not surprise me, but the one at the ATM outside did. The one inside stayed relatively static as only one of the two tellers was taking customers, but the one outside kept growing. Finally after about 15 minutes, the second teller opened her window, and the line started moving again (albeit slowly).

I got to the window, and gave her the three rolls. She asked if this was “just for bills” and I said yes and she gave me $15.50. I thought for sure I only gave her $12.50 as that was what I wrote on the deposit slip I filled out (but didn’t give to her as I was only exchanging). No, it turned out it was $15 after all… but I didn’t know that until AFTER I got back to the apartment so I felt half triumphant\half guilty the entire way for nothing.

I get back to the apartment, open the door and saw the time on the microwave. It was only 10:23am, and all I wanted to do was sleep…

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