Editorial: Updating the Carousel of Progress

“Tomorrowland” is probably one of my favorite areas of the Magic Kingdom, it’s also one of the most dated. There is no attraction more glaringly dated than “The Carousel of Progress.” The venerable theatrical ride is a veritable time capsule of early 20th century innovations that most of us take for granted, then suddenly it plunges 50 years forward to a “futuristic” (from a mid-90s perspective anyway) “alternate reality” version of 1999.

Don’t get me wrong. The information in the first three scenes is extremely important both historically and culturally. However, it would be a smoother transition if they substituted a few more modern scenes to make that final scene a lot less jarring.

1955 – Opening of Disneyland Resort in California. Script for this year does not exist, but they can move the existing third scene to this slot as no specific year for it is given (but is estimated to be somewhere in the late 40s-early 50s).

1971 – Opening of Walt Disney World, Baltimore Colts win Super Bowl V, Joe Frazier beats Mahammad Ali, Final episode of Ed Sullivan Show, Amtrak begins commercial rail service, Nixon announces trip to Cuba, and the Pittsburgh Pirates win World Series. A script for this year already exists (“The Medallion House”).

1985 – IBM releases first personal computer (1981), Macintosh releases first computer with “graphical interface” (1983), VHS wins home video wars over Betamax (1985), MTV launches (1981), John Lennon is shot (1980), Soviet Union boycotts Olympic Games in Los Angles (1984). A script for this decade exists (“The House of the 80s,” 1981) and can be easily modified for this later year.

1999 – Keep existing scene.

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