Daily Archives: September 16, 2015

Roadside Clothier (update)

I logged onto Wal-Mart’s website this morning and found the item I was looking for “in stock” (just not housed in the dept it’s listed under) which meant I had to walk my (un)happy ass back to the store (because funding public transit is a “waste of money”) to pick it up. Well anyway, on my way to the store, I saw the same set of clothes strewn over the same embankment they were yesterday.

This time I had a backpack with me and since I was wearing my raincoat (wasn’t raining just windy) I had more than enough room to put the two shirts (I initially thought the one was a pair of shorts) – one Y-S and the other Y-XS. Neither of which do me (or my nieces\nephews) any good.

Just as well, they were ugly anyway…

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