Theatre review: Hoop-dee-Doo Revue

Full disclosure: I’ve seen this show before, but it was a very long time ago. So long ago that I only remember two things about the show: 1) it was my mom’s birthday and 2) I got my very own washboard to play in the finale 😎 (okay, so it was a very, VERY long time ago).

I can’t remember if I enjoyed my previous viewing of the show or not, but I definitely did NOT enjoy the one I saw last night. I know it’s probably because I’m a former theatre critic, but I immediately picked up on the wooden acting, flat singing and complete lack of chemistry amongst the cast. Honestly, the audience members who were recruited for the Davy Crockett bit were better actors than the people onstage – and I’m not saying that because the woman playing “Dolly Drew” looked like Anna (Frozen) borrowing Belle’s ball gown from Beauty & The Beast.

But it’s not just me being a “god-damned humorless, narsasistic [sic] asshole” (as one of my ex-FB “friends” put it). My five year old niece spent most of the show playing Angry Birds on her mom’s iPhone and her younger brother fell asleep during the show – twice (to be fair, he’s only two). Heck, our server looked like she’d rather have a root canal in the middle of the real “frontier territory” than work there. Seriously, I’ve seen cheerier employees at Gracey Manor (though having to watch dreck like this twice a night who could blame her).

In fact, she came by to collect our plates (the second of three times we saw her) while I was still eating so I had a full plate of chicken bones in front of me for the duration of the show including a bit where the entire cast made a circle around our table singing some song that I’ve already completely forgotten. I do remember that the spotlight was directly on me the during that bit, and I looked like a damned pig.

That being said, I was able to tolerate most of the god awful show – keyword “most” – but the last number (I don’t even know what it was supposed to be) was literally painful. I don’t mean the acting and singing – I mean the wait staff hand out washboards and other noise makers for kids to play during the song which caused me to hold my ears in pain. I’m not normally “hypersensitive” (though I have the same reaction whenever emergency vehicles pass), but I tend to avoid the comments section of my posts anyway.

For the record: my mom, brother, sister-in-law and especially her mother all claimed to “love” the show… but I’m NOT coming back anytime soon: * ½ out of 5

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