A false alarming situation

I got through sending the first batch of photos when the smoke alarm went off. I wasn’t sure if this was some sort of “test” or if there was something wrong in the building. I went outside, but I couldn’t hear any other alarms going off in my building (or any of the others in the complex). I would have removed the batteries from the smoke alarm (which wouldn’t have worked anyway since its wired to the unit), but I literally could not stand the noise in the unit… or even in the breezeway\walkway outside the unit with the door closed.

I retreated to the leasing office to ask if it was in fact a “test,” a malfunction or something I should be genuinely worried about. Yes, I could still hear it from the entrance to the leasing center which is at least 500 feet from my building.

“It could be either the battery is low or possibly carbon-monoxide,” the leasing agent said. “No, wait, the alarm is hard-wired so it might be an issue with the alarm itself. It’s Friday so I don’t know who’s still here.”

“Well, I guess it’s a good thing you came TODAY,” said a young black man standing behind me. “Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to do anything important like sleep.”

Good to see someone amused by the situation, but even better there was apparently someone still on property so I just had to go back around and unlock the door for them. Once they arrived that is, as the closest I could stand to wait to the building was a picnic table about 100ft from the building.

“These cheap smoke alarms are a pain,” the maintenance guy told me as I led him up the steps toward the unit. “We ordered a new set to replace these ones, but they aren’t in yet, so for the moment, the only thing I can do is disable it.”

When we reach the top of the steps, he asked if the door was unlocked. It wasn’t.

“Um, m-maybe you should wait outside,” he said as I staggered away from the now open door holding my ears in excruciating pain. After about a minute inside, the volume decreased to an almost tolerable level and within another minute the noise stopped and he exited the unit.

The reason it was so incapacitating bad was because there were TWO smoke detectors in the living room and they were BOTH going off simultaneously. Oddly enough, the ones in the two bedrooms weren’t effected. It’s okay, I wasn’t planning on sleeping tonight anyway…

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