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Cartoon: True story


Happy New Year anyway.

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Photo: Welcome home


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Photo: Halfway home


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Photo: Meanwhile at Disney…


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Photo: Unexpected popularity


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Photo: Fuck you, Microsoft


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Editorial: Thinking small

One year from the end of this month, Universal’s current water park Wet-N-Wild is set to close. The question swirling around various rumor sites is: What will Universal DO with that parcel?

People say that at a scant 30 acres Wet-N-Wild is “too small” to build a theme park on. I was looking up information on “SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration” when I happened to come up with an idea for that parcel.

The land is NOT “too small” for a theme park – the naysayers are just thinking too big. I’ve said for a while that I don’t think parents should be taking children under 5 to WDW… but what if there was an alternative park built just for children that age?

Fortunately, such a park already exists in my home state of PA – it’s called Sesame Place and it occupies a mere 14 acres of land in suburban Philly (it’s only location) meaning a clone park wouldn’t be that hard to do. Even better, it wouldn’t be all that expensive either as it is mainly flat rides and shows. But the best part is: SP is owned by SeaWorld Parks which has a marketing agreement with Universal which essentially means that everyone wins.

Bonus: SeaWorld Orlando is connected to Aquatica, Universal and the current Wet-N-Wild park via Mears’ operated I-Ride Trolley so getting to the hypothetical kiddie park from either SeaWorld OR Universal is relatively easy for already harried parents – AND is keeping in-line with both parks’ conservation efforts.

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The Week in review

MondayI picked up the mythical pokémon Hoopa at the McDonalds outside of Publix.

Tuesday – I think I’ve already covered this one.

Wednesday – Decided that as much as I’d like to attend LEGOland’s “Christmas Bricktacular” or “SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration,” that I’m probably done taking photos for the season. I still have photos from Boardwalk, Disney Springs and other places I haven’t posted yet.

ThursdayFinally got around to seeing The Good Dinosaur. It lived up to its title: not great but not as bad as I’d feared it would be. ** ½ out of 5

Friday – UM announces Mark Richt as Head Coach. Good luck, he can’t do much worse than Al “Worst Loss in School History” Golden.

Oh yeah, I should probably mention this:

Today: One year ago today, I moved to Orlando.

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Photos: Festive Friday

Note: As I posted on Wednesday, I spent my birthday at Busch Gardens in North Tampa. Here are the rest of my photos (the GOOD ones anyway) from the trip.


christmas-town-sign P1010965 P1010969 P1010970P1010998 P1010982 P1010996  P1010961

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Photos: Wildlife Wednesday

Note: I posted yesterday that a spent my birthday at Busch Gardens in North Tampa. Here are a few of my favorite shots from my trip. I’ll post the second set of photos from my visit either tomorrow or Friday.


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