January updates

I had grand plans for this week. Keyword “had.” 😦

I was going to get some photos from Run Disney and spend the rest of the week photographing at Animal Kingdom and some of the resorts.

But I couldn’t get reservations at Disney’s website on Friday as someone kept “eating my page.” And when I came back from the grocery store on Saturday, the only thing my laptop would load was a black screen with an error message (that’s why I am posting this via my phone).

I was also informed that my dad was hospitalized (stage 3 lung cancer) and that a special “emergency family meeting” was planned for this afternoon (which obviously I am not there for) to discuss the next phase of his treatment and final wishes (as he has been “too weak” for chemo on his last few sessions).

If that wasn’t enough, I’ve been having discomfort in my teeth for the past few weeks. I went to the dentist over Christmas break and he scolded me for not coming in sooner (and not flossing) as the cause of my troubles was two large cavaties requiring either “extraction…or a double root canal, two bridges and a few crowns.”

The appointment with a dentist in Orlando is Thursday meaning that if I went to Disney on Sunday the latest I could realistically check out would be Wednesday (the day I’d most likely have to venture out to pick up my laptop from the repair shop).

In other words, don’t expect any photos this week.

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