Editorial: Non-committal

I originally sat down to write about how the views I supposedly have on Istandwith.com differ so markedly from my own as to be almost comical. I won’t say who they recommended mostly since they didn’t either (which shows how little daylight there is between the two “suggested” candidates).

However, the further I got into that post about what I wanted from a candidate, the more I realized my thoughts seemed to be aligned with one particular candidate over the others (though I strongly disagree with some of their positions) and that would be an “endorsement” which means I’d be a shill rather than a “blogger” even if the former is probably more “marketable” than the latter (as “Campaign operative” looks better than “unemployed” on a résumé… unless they lose L), but more than likely pays the same.

Besides, why sully my (or at least this blog’s) good name and reputation on someone without a chance of winning?

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