Recaps and bridges

I had on\off tooth pain since August so I went to Dr. Bull in Shamokin over Christmas week. He said I had two cavities and needed “an extraction, a root canal and a cap\bridge” but that he couldn’t do them because I was living in Orlando now.

So when I came back to Orlando on the 29th I made an appointment with a dentist here who did x-rays and declared that Dr. Bull was “wrong” and that I needed six extractions.

Naturally, “six extractions” is considerably different from “one extraction, a root canal, and a cap\bridge,” but he refused to explain anything to me instead tossing it over to his assistant who tapped my chart and said these are the teeth the doctor wants taken out. When pressed WHY, this doctor’s prognosis was so radically different than Dr. Bull’s when they were presumably looking at the same set of teeth, he put my chart down and shouted:

“If you like you doctor in PA so damned much go back to him – and don’t stop at the desk on the way out!”

In other words, don’t come back! However, when I told this to mom her immediate question was “how did you pay for the session them?”

This meant I had to find a new dentist quicky, so I chose what looked like the next closest dentist office to me on Google Maps (it wasn’t – it was a full half-mile away from the location on the map…or it was, until I signed into Google and recommended they change their marker). This doctor also did x-rays (that’s the third set in 2 months), but his prognosis was “two root canals, an extraction plus a bridge” – similar to what Dr. Bull said in December.

I’m not necessarily looking forward to all this work (minimum $7k – did I mention I don’t have dental insurance?), but at least I get to keep my teeth…most of them anyway.

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