Summer plans

As I’ve said before on this blog, I like being “productive.” I’m usually not which makes the times I am all the more newsworthy so I’ve begun making plans for the summer and if this year is anything like last year, most of them will not come to fruition.

As you can guess from the archaeology memes, I was an Anthropology major at UM (not my choice, but Flo at Benchmark basically corralled me into it as a student at Crafton Hills College, and I was laughed out of every recruiting event Toffell offered (which helpfully listed your major on your ID badge).

However, I did spend one semester working for the Lowe Art Museum and a summer on their (now closed) dig site at Little Salt Spring. That is the extent of my archaeology career – hopefully, that will change this summer (though as of this writing, most of the site information on Shovebums have not been updated yet).

I have spent the past three years trying to get a job teaching “Archaeology” merit badge over the summer (it’s actually a good “camp badge” – particularly if taken alongside “Indian Lore” MB as they share many of the same requirements), but I have ZERO “references” since the only steady “job” I’ve had since graduation has been this blog. Like any other archaeology project, I’d NEED a car to get there and as I’ve stated before I don’t have THAT either.

Also, I want to do add more volunteer credits to my resume. I haven’t added any new projects to that section since 2012 – it’s about time to rectify that. Yes, I already a few in mind. One of them being helping at St. John’s booth at the Anthracite Heritage Festival on May 28th and then flying in a month later for their annual VBS program (July 31-Aug 4). Hopefully, I can get some good pictures from BOTH events.

Closer to home, I plan on attending the LUNG Force Run\Walk in downtown Orlando this May and possibly their Expo at SeaWorld later this year. I would love to spend the summer working for some worthwhile cause, but nearly every organization understandably requires a “long term commitment” and every one of those has ended badly for me (whether in California and Baltimore).

Making plans is fun, but life has a nasty habit of getting in the way so the question becomes: How many of these will actually come to pass? Whatever happens, I sure hope it’s more than I did last year…

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