Random thoughts on WDW

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, but between my dental surgeries and my dad’s death I haven’t had much time to spend in the parks.

  • I saw a story on Space.com about a newly proposed “Mars World” proposed for Las Vegas projected to open in 2020-21 and it got me thinking that Disney really dropped the ball in not having Matt Damon do a The Martian overlay to their “Mission Space” attraction. However, considering the ride opened in 2003, it’s probably time for a new experience anyway.
  • Meanwhile, DHS maps have officially started calling the area below the endangered Streets of America “Muppets’ Courtyard.” The name itself isn’t that surprising, but it means that the company plans on keeping and likely expanding on the area’s somewhat spartan theme.
  • Good grief there’s a LOT of Star Wars going on at DHS: Shops, rides, shows – including a nightly fireworks show! The eponymous land isn’t even open yet! This does, however, take some of the burden off “Toy Story Midway Mania” (which is one of four rides to NOT close for the construction of SW-Land and the soon-to-be-adjacent TS-Land).
  • Personally, I’m one of those people who think that Disney should have gone in a more “General Pixar” theme for their new land than making it Toy Story specific. Don’t get me wrong, I love both Cars Land and A Bug’s Life Land, but I think a generalized theme would not only give them more creative freedom (like importing “Monsters Inc.: Mike & Sully to the Rescue” from DCA or “Ratatouille: The Adventure” from Disneyland Paris), but also take away from the very real impression that this was an “all Star Wars park.”
  • Fortunately, “Rivers of Light” is scheduled to open soon in DAK which should make getting around the park easier even if the ill-advised – but unquestionably awesome looking – Avatar Land (like SW-Land) is years from opening. I’m also looking forward to their “Nighttime Safari” even if your chances of seeing anything are considerably lower (especially with MY night vision).
  • Speaking of nighttime activities, I haven’t gotten a chance to eat at Morimoto Asia, Jock Lindsay’s Hanger Bar, Skippers’ Cantina or The BOATHOUSE. (Checks prices on Disney’s website) On second thought, maybe I’ll just stick with popcorn and Dole Whip.
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