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Summer Rumor Rundown

Muppets invade Liberty Square: Why? Who thought of this idea? They already have a mini-land in DHS and you can even find a way to shoehorn them into the ironically named “Future World” at Epcot, but this idea makes no sense to me. Fortunately, it also has the least likelihood of being true

Disney to remove “Leave a Legacy” stones from entrance to Epcot: Ever try to get into Epcot during Food & Wine or Flower and Garden? Good, then you already know why these eyesores need to go. Gravestones be gone!

Epcot to have attraction around “Guardians of the Galaxy:” I guess the backlash against putting it in at “Tower of Terror” was too much for them (Note: No-one said they were opposed to a GotG attraction at DHS, they just wanted it to replace R&R Coaster instead of ToT). There is some debate over whether it would take over “Mission: Space” (opened in 2003), the severely dated “Universe of Energy” (last refurbished in 1996) or the currently unused Wonders of Life pavilion (closed in 2007).

Disney to permanently close Innoventions: Considering there are only TWO exhibitors in that space, this, sadly, makes sense. However, some in the comments section proposed an area with a Big Hero 6 theme focusing on Robotics Technology and that would fit perfectly into the concept of this area (particularly since the area is already home to a Baymax M&G).

Though I think a better idea is replacing Ellen\Bill Nye with a BH6 retheme: Tadeshi explains to Hiro about the wonders of energy (yah, dinos stay put) and how scientists are working to better harness\use it (most of that ride is wasted space anyway).

Also a lot of commenters wanted an Inside\Out retheme to either “Journey into Imagination” or the SBNO “Body Wars” – both work, but I like the former more (they can even reuse the same track like “Frozen Ever After”) as long as they find a way to incorporate Figment into the ride.

Also, some people wanted a new movie in the Magic Eye Theater (2nd floor of Imagination pavilion, behind the DVC lounge), but I actually like the “Disney\Pixar Short Film Festival” …I just wish they varied the films a bit more. How about alternating movies on different days (like a REAL “film festival”) possibly including: Red’s Dream (1987), Gerri’s Game (1997, played before A Bug’s Life), Boundin’ (2003, played before The Incredibles), Paperman (2012, played before Wreck-It-Ralph), Feast (2014, played before BH6), Lava (2014, played before Inside Out) and\or Sanjay’s Super Team (2015, played before The Good Dinosaur).

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Disney Art Academy: Spot the Differences

HNI_0062 HNI_0024

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Disney Art Academy: Starter lessons

As you saw in previous posts, I have been playing Pokémon Art Academy for  while so when I heard they were releasing a new Disney themed version, I jumped at the chance to buy it. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that if Pikachu was the starter lesson in Pokémon version, then there was only one – okay two – choices for Starters in this game:

HNI_0019 HNI_0022

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Photos: Artegon Marketplace








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Editorial: On writing

I have been working on a story every day for almost a month now (I know, I’m “supposed” to finish writing a book in a month, but I’ve only got about 11 pages and no title). It’s missing some “world building” sections about rules and whatnot, but for the moment I think I have a good(ish) start.

I have three projects that are somewhere between half and 2/3 finished but no idea where I’m going with them (the endings I have… just the chapters leading up to them are missing). I considered turning part of one of those books into either a short story or a play (or both), but, unfortunately, I realized the rest of the story wouldn’t work as well on stage.

I have a few abandoned projects. I miss the one about the museum as I was having fun with it…until I realized my protagonist was an unlikable dick – and he was based on me (I interned at a museum when I was at UM). Maybe that’s why my fictional bf from that story is the protagonist in this month’s story… or maybe I just like writing idiots.

Whatever, I need to get back to work. I have photos to edit, and maybe when I’m done I’ll come up with a good idea for one of my stories…

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Pokémon Art Academy: Pikachu finale

I finished the final “official” lesson in Pokémon Art Academy last night. The one on the left is the “lesson” drawing, and the one on the right is the “improved” version where I changed the (pre-rendered) background and cleaned up all the unnecessary sparks\lightning the game had me put in (the actual drawing itself is unchanged aside from a different outline color).

HNI_0017 HNI_0018

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Tropical Storm Colin (continued)

1:45am – Okay, so I was wrong, there’s been a HEAVY downpour for past half hour.

2:05am – Rain has stopped, but the whole condo is lit up by intermittent flashes of light which are getting brighter and closer together. I think another round of rain is coming.

2:17am– Called it! Heavy rain, deafening thunder and extremely bright flashes of lightening. This goes on for a while, but I fell asleep as soon as it stopped so that’s good.

4:30am– That was a quick nap. More rain, but no lightshow this time.

5:19am– All watches and warning for Central Florida have been cancelled. The storm is now passing over Savannah, Georgia… but Orlando is expected to get another 1-2” of rain this afternoon from an unrelated system.

6:27am – Sunrise, Orlando was lucky – EXTREMELY lucky.

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Tropical Storm Colin

10:35am – waiting for the weather to get here. I can’t really go anywhere today so I’m staying inside to do laundry (I didn’t plan it that way, honest).

11:55am – Gov. Rick Scott (R) declares a pre-emptive “State of Emergency” for 34 of 67 counties (including Orange).

12:35pm – Finish lunch, nothing is happening outside yet so I take second load out of dryer, strip sheets off bed and throw them into the washer. Not exciting, but I can’t have a 5-hour gap in this post.

-2:15pm – Tropical Storm Warning issued for Charleston, SC, as outer bands arrive in Southwestern\Central Florida flooding reported along Tampa Bay beaches, and I’m… playing some mindless cow clicker on FB.

-4:57pm – It has started. ‪#‎TropicalStormColin Pouring rain for nearly an hour straight now. I’m not worried, I’m sure at least a few of my friends are pulling for me…right?

-5:33pm – Receive an e-mail from apartment management saying to stock batteries\non-perishable food and stay tuned to local TV\radio for news. Also take furniture off patios\balconies which I immediately did (they were wet, but otherwise undamaged).

-6:55pm – Scott reissues “State of Emergency,” mobilizes Florida National Guard. Also, my FB post from 2hrs ago only has 2 “likes.”

-8:16pm– Weather Channel is predicting 3-5 inches of rain for most of Florida. Storm is expected to make landfall near Tallahassee and make its way to Charleston and Cape Hatteras by Tuesday afternoon before heading back to sea.

-9:29pm – Rain seems to have stopped for the moment, but Reuters news service is reporting the Tampa Bay area is reporting widespread power outages, major street flooding and a lot of people dismissing this as “just” a tropical storm.

10:07pm – The rain is back, winds continue as they were. FB post is up to 5 “likes.”

10:37pmSarasota Herald-Tribune is reporting only “sporadic power outages, minor street flooding and some beach erosion.”

11:04pm – Rain sounds like its stopped again. I can’t guarantee any sleep, but I’m probably going to go to bed now.

11:09pm – Go into bedroom to discover my bed is unmade…because my sheets are still in the washer. I’m up for another hour at least.

11:29pm – I’m pretty sure everything is done for the night. The rain is gone and the winds while still gusty sound like they’ve calmed down significantly.

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