Sick days

I’ve been feeling like crap for almost a month now. I know there’s a clinic near my condo, but every time I’ve tried to go there its closed for “vacation.” Summer is the best time to leave Florida, but sucks when you NEED a doctor – NOW. Granted, I’d still have to walk there which isn’t easy when I have pain so great that I can barely even think about moving.

I did call the hospital on the other side of the highway from me. After some basic questions about insurance, and asking about my symptoms: Severe abnominal pain, sore throat, the feeling of being hungry but being too “bloated” to eat (which ironically enough, like the other symptoms usually goes away if I eat something), frequent sudden urges to go to the bathroom (usually 20 minutes or so after the last time) involving EXTREMELY painful bowel movements (literally feels like something like something is actively “blocking” the lower intestine), fatigue and…

“We don’t offer Adult GI issues here,” the operator said coldly before giving the number of a place that supposedly did, but when I called that number, the receptionist immediately rejected my insurance and barked to “get a referral” before hanging up on me. If I don’t have a “Primary” than I NEEDED to call my insurance company and GET one…and not to call back until I did that.

I called the insurance company (I really need to find a new company, I pay waaaay to much for my current plan and every month I get another letter from them about “bureaucratically necessary premium increases”), and they told me that they don’t “pick doctors for our customers” and “whoever told you that was wrong.” I was vindicated, but no closer to getting help I needed.

Unfortunately, I’m too tired to go through any more of this at the moment, and tomorrow is a federal holiday so as much as I hate saying this, but it looks like this is going to have to wait for a few more days…


Update (7/11/2016)– Clinic is still closed, but I managed to get an appointment for next week with an “Internist” at the hospital on the other side of the highway.

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