I called my mom this afternoon to tell her my brother called me – he didn’t even blame anything on me. She called me back about an hour and a half later to discuss my Annual Pass (which unlocks on Aug 11th) which reminded her of this post’s eponymous question:

“Did you ever apologize to your aunt (redacted)?”

“For what?”

“For that little, um, ‘dust-up’ of yours.”

“You mean what SHE did to ME at Baylake Towers?”

“That was all YOUR fault, and you know it. You need to apologize to her. Immediately.”

Wait, WHAT? Seriously? There is absolutely no way I was hearing this correctly.

“Soo you’re telling me her behavior towards me was completely appro-“

“Oh my God, don’t you dare start this shit with me. ‘Cuz I don’t want to hear it.”

Let me get this straight: You bring it up, but you “don’t want to hear it?” Makes total sense.

“Her behavior was completely appro-“

THAT IS IT,” she roars. “If you say another word about this, I will hang up on you – right now! Do you understand me? You are acting like a SPOILED CHILD, and I WILL hang up on-“

Right, ‘cuz, you know, this shit is so easy for me to deal with. I totally love to have nightmares about this when I go to bed. They’re really fun so are flashbacks whenever I see my DVC bag on the floor.

“Her behavior was unjustified and ABUSIVE and she knew [dial tone] it.”

And to think I was in such a good mood all day. No wait, I am. Contrary to what the above transcript would have you believe, I did absolutely nothing wrong here. I refuse to feel guilty because someone else once again refuses to listen to her own son.

Yes, I already know my apology isn’t coming. Heck, I knew that back in May. Personally, I’ve got better things to worry about… while I’m awake anyway.

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