A brief health update

It’s been a full month since I last posted about my health and, while I am feeling markedly better thanks to the antibiotics, I still have dull stomach pain, sudden strong urges to use the bathroom, discomfort sitting, sore throat and general bloated feeling (which like my stomach pain often goes away when I eat). I had to cancel my plans to work at an archaeology project in New Hampshire as well as my plans for working with the VBS at St Johns in Shamokin. I was really looking forward to hanging in the “Surf Shack.”

I saw a doctor… but I’m nowhere closer to a diagnosis than I was a month ago. I was going to write a post about the experience but there was nothing all that remarkable about the experience other than the fact that he didn’t seem to take me all that seriously (something I’ve gotten used to). Maybe I forgot to mention some of the symptoms when he was asking me how I felt as it just happened that my appointment fell on one of my “better days.”

My follow-up appointment, where I presumably get my diagnosis is scheduled for later this month.

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