Announcement: Like me on Facebook

I started a Facebook “page” for this blog last night. I’m still not sure how it works, but I’ll probably post my memes on there rather than here to save space on my laptop. I have about 30 memes I haven’t posted yet, and I keep seeing more pop up in my feed every day so it just seemed like a natural place to share them (if I ever figure out how). I started sharing them to prove to someone on FB that I wasn’t a “GOD DAMNED HUMORLISS ASHOLE” (caps and spelling hers). Besides, it takes away from the severity of the site – I take this blog extremely seriously.

I will continue posting personal experiences and travel photos here, but may post occasional smaller stories on that page. I haven’t figured out what to do about the Pokémon\Disney Art Academy posts yet, but posting regular photo galleries here and on the FB page seems like too much work for a non-paying job.

I currently have more reach on this blog (approx. 35 “followers” here, with 3 “likes” on FB as I’m writing this), but hopefully that will change as my blog’s page evolves.

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