February health update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my health (have to justify creating that category somehow) so I’ll start by saying I’m feeling a lot better than I was over the summer. I’m still in moderate GI which makes walking and sitting difficult, but not the agonizing physical pain I was having in May-Aug.

The medication I was prescribed for the “acid reflux” very well on the reflux part, but did nothing for the rest of my symptoms. But then again, popping Tums like they were shitty chalk-flavored candies wasn’t doing me any good either, but switching to Pepcid AC works wonders for me. It’s not perfect by any stretch, but it makes it more bearable.

I’ve also had a bit of success with Culturelle, but I ran out of pills in January (though I bought a new box at CVS yesterday) and my prescription ran out in December, yet I haven’t noticed a huge difference not taking either – I get mild throat irritation in the morning, but that passes relatively quickly.

I had an appointment with another doc- another Nurse Practitioner in October, and after nearly shoving me off her exam table, she concluded I had “gallbladder” issues. She ordered tests next door at SLI for the following week. It’s now February, and I’m STILL waiting for my results (though I got triple billed from them for it). Interestingly enough, the one test she DID get back was the “standard” urinalysis which came back with “trace blood” which apparently means I’m at the wrong practice as Family Doctors “don’t treat UTI” and the Urologist she sent me to refused to accept my insurance.

The good news is, I have new insurance so I can now explain to the Nurse Practitioner in Urology why I’m seeing them for bowel problems (it also means I’ll be paying out of pocket for the privilege). I’ll get the exact look I got from the regular nurse at SLI about the EKG the second LNP ordered for me (“sooo, you have bowel problems, but you want me to do an EKG? You do EKGs are for the HEART, riiight?”).

I’ll be meeting with the first LNP as you’re reading this, but I’m not expecting anything groundbreaking from this appointment. However, I’m in more distress now than I was at our first appointment so that’s progress or at least something he ca work with…

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