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Lease then ideal conditions

I didn’t want to.

I really didn’t want to renew my lease for a mold infested apartment for another year… so I didn’t. I could pay $200 more per month for six months (in addition to the “standard” $115 rent jump), or I can “upgrade” to a one bedroom/one bath unit and pay only $150 more in base rent. I still plan on moving… but not for six months. It’s not ideal, but it works…sorta.

I’m still looking for places. The problem is, I haven’t nailed down where yet. I want something suburban… but I don’t have a car. Unfortunately, any meaningful form of public transit it found in the city. Along with crime, traffic and, worst of all noise.

I would move back to Baltimore, but that not only has a “been there, done that” aura to it – it also feels like “giving up.” Pretty soon, I’d be writing unpaid “theatre reviews” no-one reads (I know, I checked my site stats), and that’s the absolute LAST thing I want. I know Autism is all about “sameness” and “routines,” but my last “official” diagnosis was ADHD so I can’t stand doing the same thing over and over again adfuckingnauseam. Let’s not forget all sorts of “fun” (aka “horrible and traumatic”) memories it would kick up (you can look them up yourself, many of them are still on here).

Both New York and DC have better access to jobs and have more expansive transit options… but they’re a LOT more expensive to live in. Sure, I can make it work, but I just don’t see it happening. I also looked at Myrtle Beach because it was listed as 2018’s “Best cheap beach town” by some magazine or another (and after checking various apartment rental sites, I can confirm they are)… but their one bus line stops service at 10pm.

One place I’m looking at is Philadelphia. It has its own mix of cheap split up townhouses with shared laundry rooms, and newer “luxury” units… but I’ve never lived there, so it would all be new to me. Pluz (uhn-lieg Fladda), I a’reddy speeg da lag-wedge.

The main problem right now is inventory. There’s just not much available this time of year compared to April or May when the school year ends and graduation season begins. Hopefully, by then, I’ll have better news for you…


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Murky problems, no solutions

Two years ago (according to FB Memories), my apartment had a horrible black mold problem. Now, I have a mysterious force making me extremely sick all summer (hence no park photos), leaving black film on my dishes when I pull them out of the dishwasher, and turning my clothes a rusty red color.

If I knew what was causing this, I could do a better job reporting it to them. I’m told someone will be by today to look at it (whatever “it” is). But their solution to the dishwasher problem was to run an empty cycle and call it a day (and repeating it on their next three visits because it “worked the first time”).

However, their “mold-resistant paint” worked better than I thought, so I’ll see what happens…


Update: The maintenance crew just left. I don’t think they took this complaint very seriously as literally all they did was run an empty washer cycle (even though I expressly told them I have a problem with BOTH washer and dishwasher). They didn’t try to investigate anything else, but they did lecture me in half English/half Spanish on how to run a washing machine. I couldn’t understand most of it, I still found it insulting.

They didn’t look at the reddish clothes I brought out to show them. They didn’t check the lines into either machine or pop into the bathrooms/AC closet (which is three inches from my washer) to check for mold – they just ran the empty cycle, lectured me about using a washing machine and left.

I wasn’t expecting a solution, but I was hoping for, at least, something resembling an answer… and I didn’t get it.


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Miscallaneous moving data

Nov 16th: I spent an hour or so staging photos of all my furniture last night (during the second half of the UM-FSU game) and posted them this morning while waiting for one of the potential buyers to show up. Hopefully, this generates a little bit more interest in them.

Nov 17th: Sold first piece of furniture this morning. I thought it might be sad or something, but it wasn’t. Also, I finally got rid of an ugly, uncomfortable lounger that I never really liked. I was just going to toss it, but if someone actually wants it than who am I to judge them.

Nov 18th: I spent this morning on the phone reassuring the property manager that despite not having a job, I was more than capable of paying rent on time. He claims he will send me an e-mail presently…but doesn’t.

He called back at 1:24pm (3hrs after than his first call) to tell me he sent me an e-mail with fees and first month rent. Interestingly enough, this is the first place that will not give me keys unless I hand them a statement from a Florida electricity provider (I think that’s probably more of a technicality than anything else).

In the meantime, I have an address and a move-in date so that’s a positive. 😎 Now I just need to get rid of all this furniture…

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Orlando Apt Hunting: Day 2

I was woken up by the people in the neighboring room at 7:38am. Sorry, that’s waay too early for me, fortunately I fell back asleep once they finally left, and woke up again at 10:13am which is too late for Orlando in peak season. On the plus side, no-one responded to my most recent round of appointment requests so there was nothing on the docket for the day anyway.

I took the trolley to SeaWorld, and waited in what seemed like a never ending line for a ticket. The lines in the park however ran quickly – even the popular “Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin” was only about 35 minutes long to get in (and about the same to get out due to the poor layout in the unloading area).

I had a quick lunch in their cafeteria and continued wandering around the park looking for shows that fit my interests and whose times didn’t overlap. Finally I made it all the way around the park and stopped into the ice cream stand at “Shamu’s Happy Harbor.” This place had a line, mostly because the sole cashier working there was new to the job and dealing with a customer who insisted on speaking (sorry berating) the poor kid’s manager while my soft serve quickly melted in front of me (even though the building itself was air conditioned). A second employee showed up and took over register two, and I was able to finish my dessert outside (as the venue had no indoor seating).

Around 2pm, it started to rain. This was okay by me as I was basically finished there anyway. The rain was heavy and cold… and it stopped the second I arrived back at my hotel. I check my e-mail downstairs and find I have a bite for 5pm – same place from yesterday evening.

Said unit was the same size and number of bedrooms as before, but the patio (facing directly into the neighboring unit) and all rooms were smaller including the convenient “pass-through” closet. I’d keep it in mind.

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Orlando Apt Hunting: Day 1

My first tour of the day was at 1pm. I left the hotel immediately after lunch and found out that Google Maps gave the wrong directions right out of the gate. I spent almost 45 minutes trying to find a place that was only a 15 minute walk from the hotel.

“Wait,” the leasing agent said incredulously. “You WALKED here all the way from Disney? That’s impossible – that’s at least a 30 minute walk plus buses to anywhere else in the world!”

Congratulations, you lost your sale right there. However, I wasn’t about to waste a 45 minute walk so I dutifully continued my tour. The unit (which I was told was the “only one available”) was small – literally half the size of my current unit in Baltimore – and at the very back of a pretty if sprawling complex.

I return to the hotel and try to check my e-mail, but I couldn’t connect to the free in-room wi-fi service. So I go downstairs to the lobby and set up an appointment for later that afternoon. I went back upstairs and fell asleep prolly from all the walking in the shade-less heat.

The next apartment I toured wasn’t all that hard to find – it was directly across the street from the hotel village. This unit wasn’t huge either, but it was considerably larger than the one I toured 3hrs ago. It had a large screened-in porch (it was on the ground level), a small kitchen and a walk-in master closet that was about a third the size of the one I have in Baltimore.

I thank the owner for his time, and head back across the street. This time I was able to connect to wi-fi so I checked if there were any new ads posted. There were – TWO of them at the complex I toured this morning. Both of them are “available now.” This means the agent means either the agent lied to me…or he’s lying to other prospective tenants – both scenarios are pretty bad.

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