Adventures in Salem

SALEM, Ma – The Nathaniel Bowditch pulled into Blaney Street Wharf just after noon. I make the approximately 10 minute walk into town. At least I think it was ten minutes, the band on my replacement watch broke and the battery on the cell phone was freshly drained so I can’t write my usual lazy time stamp story.

One rather helpful feature of this town is that they have a thick red line painted down the center of the sidewalks leading from the ferry landing to various places around the center city (I assumed it simply lead to the visitors’ center so I passed much the south\west sides of downtown before realizing my mistake (…and making my next stop almost irrelevant).

I bought my ticket for the Salem Trolley at 1:30pm, boarded approximately ten minutes later. The trip lasted approximately 40 minutes, and passengers could “hop on, hop off” at any of various spots around downtown. Even better, the narrator for this trip barely mentioned a certain set of sensationalized trials from 1692 (ending circa 1712) that have since become the city’s ubiquitous mascot.

According to the receipt, I bought my ticket for the New England Pirate Museum at 2:26pm. Said museum was a guided tour through various scenes of involving famous pirates with some connection to the Bay State (with particular emphasis on Salem based buccaneers) and ended in what our guide called the “pirate cave” (whose “treasure cove” was conveniently enough also their gift shop).

I left the museum and spent the next half hour browsing through various stores on Liberty Street (pedestrian only). I was amazed at how low the prices on merchandise was…until I realized their busy season doesn’t start until September.

I managed to make it back to the Nathaniel Bowditch by 3:56pm, just a few minutes before it pulled out of the wharf. Two hours later, I was back in my hotel room with my phone safely in its charger.

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