Photos: A rainy weekend

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Photos: Wordless with friends

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Photos: Island auditions

Fuschia, one of my “deserted island’s” two original residents, moved off the island yesterday. So, after a full day of searching, I finally found a replacement for her (as it’s the player’s job to recruit new residents). Can you guess which one? 

As you can see, I had to “change clothes” 3x to get enough miles for the 7  Mystery Tours needed to find my new resident.

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Happy International Museum Day

I bet you think this post is about that stupid “stamp rally” in a certain popular video game, but it’s not. As you know, I love going to museums. In fact, I used to review art and science exhibits on a regular basis) as well as zoos and aquariums (I really liked Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, but Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo is small and overrated).

What you don’t know is that I used to work for one. I wasn’t a docent. I worked as an intern in the Research Department for the Jay I Kislak Foundation which was in turn creating a new Latin America exhibit for UM’s Lowe Art Museum (part of the organization’s extensive collection was donated to the university permanently upon Mr. Kislak’s death in 2017).

I got a more hands-on approach to artifact handling a year later when I spent the summer working for the university’s discontinued field school in North Port (roughly halfway between Sarasota and Fort Meyers). I was only doing basic “processing” artifacts (washing, sorting and photographing) which, while extremely important in its own right, doesn’t provide any actual “marketable” skills needed to get a contract archaeology job.

I wasn’t upset by this because literally half of the dozen or so participants were on lab duty, but I found it extremely odd that they wouldn’t let me participate in their “Media Day” in the final week. I was a Communications student (Photography and Journalism) for cripes sake!

I now realize this was likely a form of ableism… but at the time it was just “normal” for employers, classmates in group projects (IF they told me about our group sessions at all) and volunteer coordinators to keep me as far “out of sight” as possible (I always thought was just a “fat” thing as this was the University of MIAMI after all).

I have applied to multiple zoos, museums and aquariums since graduation… but none have hired me. I have, however, done two “Archaeology Labs” here in Florida (one in Tampa and the second at UM), have not they led to any more field opportunities? No, and I’ve applied to multiple field schools across the country, but I have either gotten extremely sick at the last minute (2016/2014), hit by a car (2018)… or it was cancelled at the last moment due to either financial (2015/2017) or global pandemic issues (2020).

Maybe someday, I’ll get back to working in a museum again, but as writing this blog has taught me: The more time I spend interacting with people the more abuse I take from them. On the plus side, at least, Blathers doesn’t charge for admission…


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I need to find another game…

So, I finished playing “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” this morning (kinda clever how they make the end credits part of the story). I guess this means I have to find a new game to play…


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Photos: Autism Crossing

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Photos: Wordless Wednesday

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Mid-month memes

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Quarantine diaries: week 5

Day 29: Great news, they have walls up next door (since Saturday), so the noise level has dropped precipitously. In fact, my noise-cancelling headphone almost cancel the noise. It also means it could be finished BEFORE I move, thus negating the primary reason for moving in the first place…

Which isn’t easy to do with in-person tours cancelled, Zillow freezing up every time I try to browse listings, and a listing agent who refused to answer a rather basic question until I was on her official “client list” (which I fully understand… but it’s still rather annoying). It doesn’t matter, the search continues…

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that not only is the number of deaths due to the virus in his state dropping, but that NY and five other states New Jersey, Connecticut, my home state of Pennsylvania, Delaware and Rhode Island — are joining forces to create a “regional reopening plan” (California, Oregon and Washington have announced similar plans). Meanwhile, The White House is expected to release its own plan within “the next week or two.”

Day 30: I thought they were finished with the heavy machinery next door, but, apparently, I was wrong. Granted, they aren’t using as many of them as before, but they are still using them… until just now (10am) either that or the A/C is masking the noise. Thankfully, everything seemed to stop around 4pm.

Which is coincidentally is when my Instacart order arrived… well, half of it anyway. Milk – the one and only thing I actually wanted – was “out of stock.” Chips – which were on sale – were “out of stock.” The kind of coffee I like was “out of stock,” but that was a minor issue.

Gov. Cuomo announced today that he would NOT “reopen” his state’s economy until the virus is contained, regardless of what the president says. I agree with him that reopening too soon might make the pandemic worse… but refusing an order from the Executive Branch might not be Constitutional.

Day 31: One month of self-quarantine. I was going to make a celebratory compilation post of everything I’ve done over the past 30 days… but, then I went through the three previous posts and realized that I literally haven’t DONE anything worth compiling. Nothing… but I am alive, so I guess there’s that.

I reordered all the stuff that was “out of stock” yesterday, and while I still only got part of my order, but their shopper did manage to find milk so it wasn’t a wasted order. I can’t afford to do this on a regular basis, but it worked out. I didn’t even get to thank the driver.

Meanwhile, I spent most of the day in my pajamas trying to decide between writing a special “halfway through April” post or just posting more Autism memes (as I have a lot of them). Maybe, I’ll just post a larger AC post tomorrow afternoon. Whatever, I don’t have to decide now…

Day 32: Hopefully, the last day of this, but I doubt it. The President is talking about reopening the economy by the beginning of May, schools are talking about reopening as usual in Sept… but Disney/Universal/SeaWorld have yet to announce a reopening date.

Meanwhile, Orlando got some much-needed rain last night and this morning. I thought I might be able to sleep in, but, no, they had their heavy equipment running at 7:30am and they didn’t stop until about 10 (which is when the next ban of rain passed through). I figured they were done outside for the day (the building is already framed, so I figured they would just work in there for the rest of the day) …until I laid down for a nap and heard shouting (in Spanish) and beeping outside. I guess the rain must have ended. I check my phone – 3pm. Trope averted.

Oh, and I’m kinda getting bored with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and, apparently, so are my “villagers” as one just suddenly left the island. Another will replace her, but still. Looks like I may finish my AC posts before I finish this stupid series…


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Photos: Accidentally topical

I wasn’t going to post this today because I figured I already post too much about this game as it is… but then I remembered this is MY blog, and I can post whatever I want.

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