Best 500th post ever

All of these memes have something in common. See if you can guess what it is.

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Travel Day

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Autis-meme Awareness Day

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Review: Epcot’s inaugural International Festival of the Arts


First off, today is Saturday. I never go anywhere NEAR the parks on a Saturday unless I absolutely have to…or unless I’m super bored and the event only happens on weekends like the inaugural Epcot International Festival of the Arts.

Theme Park Tourist couldn’t recommend it highly enough – even going so far as to suggest making it a multi-day event for art\food lovers. I wouldn’t that far, but I do see it’s appeal… as a way to draw attendance to the park between the phenomenally popular Flower & Garden Show and the overpriced pub crawl know as Food & Wine Festival. Nothing wrong with that – Busch Gardens hosts its own Food & Wine Festival during their slow season.

The problem (and you knew I’d have one) is Disney is trying too hard to make what little they’re offering sound like a lot more than what it is (kind of Hollywood Studios). I’ve been to arts festivals in Miami (Beaux Arts), Harrisburg (Kipona), Baltimore (Artscape), Tampa (Gasperilla Festival of the Arts) and, yes, even Shamokin has one (Anthracite Heritage Festival of the Arts) and none of them were like this.

It’s like the people planning this had never been to an arts festival.

I get this is mainly about drawing people into the park so they can spend their money in DISNEY’S stores and restaurants (so no blocking paths leading to attractions or restaurants) so even though they also advertise this as a “culinary festival,” those tasty “seminars” were tucked safely behind Disney’s trademark paywall.

To be fair, this was one of the weak complaints TPT made of the event: Little food, big prices and long lines. At Artscape, I couldn’t walk 50 feet without running into a food vendor, here the closest thing to fest food was the existing Funnel Cake House at the American pavilion (and, yes, it had a line too). In fact, there were times where I completely forgot I was walking through an “Arts Festival” rather than an overcast day at Epcot.

As I was walking through the various “Art areas,” I noticed they were dominated by house booths with house merchandise. Don’t get me wrong, ALL of the festivals above had their own merch tents – Artscape had several of them spread throughout their festival – but they had other vendors there. Some of them varied in price\quality (see early years of Heritage Fest), but they weren’t all house booths.

Normally, I’d give them some slack for being an inaugural event, but this is DISNEY and I know they can do better than this. Well, there’s always next year…

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Disney Art Academy: A peek at what’s to come

HNI_0016 HNI_0015 HNI_0074 HNI_0065HNI_0028 HNI_0029

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More Disney Art Academy

HNI_0089 HNI_0091 HNI_0065 HNI_0004 HNI_0085 HNI_0087 HNI_0073 HNI_0074

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Disney Art Academy: Patri-ART-ic


Yes, I know the movie takes place in France, but you can’t spell “Patriot” without “art” (which, conveniently enough, is an anagram of “rat” which is why I added the last minute flag over my careful shading).



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Disney Art Academy: Spot the Differences

HNI_0062 HNI_0024

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Disney Art Academy: Starter lessons

As you saw in previous posts, I have been playing Pokémon Art Academy for  while so when I heard they were releasing a new Disney themed version, I jumped at the chance to buy it. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that if Pikachu was the starter lesson in Pokémon version, then there was only one – okay two – choices for Starters in this game:

HNI_0019 HNI_0022

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Pokémon Art Academy: Pikachu finale

I finished the final “official” lesson in Pokémon Art Academy last night. The one on the left is the “lesson” drawing, and the one on the right is the “improved” version where I changed the (pre-rendered) background and cleaned up all the unnecessary sparks\lightning the game had me put in (the actual drawing itself is unchanged aside from a different outline color).

HNI_0017 HNI_0018

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