Photo: Sunday night…

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Photos: Falling like Cutieflies

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Photos: Pokefinder shots

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Photos: New gravatars

Now that “Pokémon XY: The Series” is ending 😦 , I decided to try and create a new Gravatar and possible profile pic for the FB page. These are some of the characters I created for that exercise.

image_flattener_share_7e8c1159 image_flattener_share_da14a679image_flattener_share_5e58d038 image_flattener_share_c60179e9

The green one is out – as I figured it looked too much like the avatar of a certain Autism blogger (and site follower) who shares her screen name with a ubiquitous princess (whose various outfits are the bulk of this program).


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Pokémon Sunday

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The Week in review

MondayI picked up the mythical pokémon Hoopa at the McDonalds outside of Publix.

Tuesday – I think I’ve already covered this one.

Wednesday – Decided that as much as I’d like to attend LEGOland’s “Christmas Bricktacular” or “SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration,” that I’m probably done taking photos for the season. I still have photos from Boardwalk, Disney Springs and other places I haven’t posted yet.

ThursdayFinally got around to seeing The Good Dinosaur. It lived up to its title: not great but not as bad as I’d feared it would be. ** ½ out of 5

Friday – UM announces Mark Richt as Head Coach. Good luck, he can’t do much worse than Al “Worst Loss in School History” Golden.

Oh yeah, I should probably mention this:

Today: One year ago today, I moved to Orlando.

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Photos: A Journey’s end…


meeting-thunderus recieve-master-ball recieve-the-dark-stone (June 14)HNI_0035

Pokémon White: Started: May 1, 2015 \ \ Completed: September 16, 2015

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Photo: Pokémon League Champion!


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Photo: Litwick’s wish


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My online half-year in review

As most of you know, I’m a freelance writer\photographer by trade and thus spend much of my time writing for my other blog – “Aisle Pass.” This is the list of stories I’ve done in the past six months (the theatre season begins in August).

The half season of theatre: August – December 2012

I don’t have enough material for an “art” or “movies” list. 😦


I also launched a new video game review blog in October.

My list of Android game reviews

My List of Facebook game reviews

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