No so happiest place on Earth

This week’s post was going to be a happy column about how this weekend’s reopenings of both Gatorland and LEGOLAND Florida (Winter Haven) and next week’s openings of Universal and the just announced reopenings of SeaWorld Orlando/Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and the Walt Disney World Resort (in phases) meant that live in Central Florida is slowly returning to normal.

Well, it’s not.

The virus remains as dangerous as ever, but so does being a person of color in the United States. Yes, I’ve been the victim of both racial and homophobic discrimination (including assault and property damage) both in Florida and Maryland, but the difference is I’m actually able to type this, George Floyd is not. Neither is Trayvon Martin or Tamir Rice or even Freddie Gray.

Sure, I could go into detail about being harassed for doing as little as they did, but having my camera ripped away from me and taunted as it’s broken in front of me is considerably different than being held against the ground with a knee to the throat and dying of asphyxiation as three other officers hold him down. To even compare the two experiences is an insult to the memories of all the victims of needless police violence.

So would equally vapid, ineffective forms of “solidarity” I’ve seen online like changing my profile photo for the day or posting some memes with a viral hashtag. It didn’t heal Paris, and it’s not rebuilding Minneapolis. Such lazy, feel good activism doesn’t do anyone any good.

However, with the massive crowds of people protesting in the street across the country – and around the world – there are now fears of spreading the virus that has kept these same people inside for the past two months, maybe lazy, ineffective means of protest aren’t all bad.

Yes, waving signs in a public place is a perfectly valid form of communication… but so is staying at home and typing from the safety of my sofa. The parks will open whether I’m there to cover them or not…


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Mid-April Maps: Coal Region and Corona

These maps are from the Pennsylvania Dept of Health. I added the rough border of what The Coal Region(TM) refers to on this page… but I think I listed my hometown on the wrong map. However, I don’t feel like correcting it.


As you can see, having a shrinking population density over the past century (with most young people fleeing to job centers like New York, Pittsburgh and Philly)  is actually a good thing in this instance.

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Photo: Somber statistics

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Photo: Awesome news

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PSA: New content coming

So, as I said before on this blog, my lease is expiring sometime in June. This weekend, I plan on doing something about it. I’ll be touring apartments in both Baltimore and my former (future?) home state of Pennsylvania. I’ll still post photos/travelogues of various events and destinations, they just won’t be exclusively Disney.

Case in point, look for content about my trip on this blog as well as a few non-apartment hunting related destinations in the coming days.

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Photo: Guess what today is

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Bye-bye, Buttigieg

I was not a fan of former South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg, but I honestly didn’t expect the candidate with the third highest number of delegates to drop out before Super Tuesday.

I just wasn’t.

The shock still hasn’t quite passed yet.

Not only is he the same age as I am, but he’s also the first openly gay presidential candidate and one of two veterans still in the race (the other being Tulsi Gabbard). He spoke multiple languages when I struggle with just two (English and German) and is a Rhodes Scholar with degrees from both Harvard and Oxford.

On paper, he’s the perfect man (though not necessarily my type), but his disappointing finishes in New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina meant his campaign wasn’t going anywhere despite his historic win in Iowa (undercut by news of the chaos of the caucuses) and having the third highest delegate count behind Bernie Sanders.

Who his 25 electoral delegates are going to wasn’t immediately clear (though he was in contact with former VP Joe Biden), but I’m hoping it’s his bitter, now ex rival Amy Klobuchar. Kill ‘em with kindness. It’s the most Midwestern thing to do. Plus, it almost makes her viable delegate wise… not that it matters as she’ll be out of the race come Wednesday, but it’s the thought that counts. Right?


Note: A version of this story originally appeared on my political blog, An Idiot in Florida.


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PSA: Remember to “like” my Facebook page as well

Remember to like my page on Facebook. Contrary to what this page implies, I’m actually quite friendly plus I have a slightly better response rate than I do here.

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Photo: I wonder what today is…

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Afternoon updates

Normally, I “live blog” my way through these storms, but I haven’t decided if I am or not this time around. Yes, it keeps me focused on things outside my crudely furnished apartment. I know it hasn’t even made non-landfall yet, but I’m already sick of hearing about it. #burnout

I hate to “break tradition,” but they are as much fun to read as they are to write. Maybe, I’ll change my mind tomorrow… after the scheduled meme post drops.


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