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Photo: A special visitor

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UPDATE: Miami Hurricanes defeated the FSU Seminoles : 28-27

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Photo: Reasons to be confident about today’s game


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Photo: University of Miami on “The Cleveland Show”


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Photos: Beat FSU

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Hurricane promotes proposed overpass

The Miami Hurricane is doing its best to promote a proposed pedestrian bridge over US 1 between the University Metrorail and Mariposa Court which has resulted in 8 deaths since 1989. It was my experience as a student the intersection that I had the most trouble crossing was US 1 and SW 57th Street (South Miami Metro on the west and Sunset Place on the east).

The paper ran a story last week (April 10th) about the online petition to get the owner of University Centre Plaza to allow the city to use five parking spaces to build said bridge. In a related story, the same author similar offers a somewhat incomplete guide on how to handle rude\impatient drivers in this car crazed city without ending up another fatality (dress like a jogger) – conveniently using Mariposa Court as her primary example.

This week, the paper reports that the project is apparently going through in a nearby area that doesn’t involve sacrificing the Plaza’s valuable parking spaces.  If you think losing five spaces is no big deal – here’s a story (from 2002) about a student outraged because the university paved over six parking places for an outdoor seating area.

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UM News: Getting Organized

A student group for doodling just started on the University of Miami campus after receiving a $500 grant from GOOD magazine.

Conversely, the university’s gay student group, SpectrUM, is celebrating 20 years of campus pride.

Back in 2002, I tried joining an upstart group known as “Canes for Cancer.” That group no longer exists, but a group of students recently took part in a Wendy Walk in Miami (others were held in LA and NYC) to support a cancer research lab in Oslo, Norway.

Of course, if you’re anti-social or just need a place to “study,” the paper just ruined two previously unknown sites on campus. On the other hand, there is a new graduate study area in the Richter Library…if it’s not too crowded.

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UM News: Truly an International College

A University of Miami professor has been chosen to lead a GEOTRACES mission to Arctic Ocean in order to help determine the effects of Global Warming. He and his team will begin taking samples from the Artic Ocean starting sometime in 2015.

Meanwhile, another professor won a $6,000 grant to study how objects impacted the French Revolution. She will use the money to research on location in Paris for two months.

Indian Student Association & Hindu Student Council hosted The Festival of Colors over the weekend, turning the campus green into a mess of other colors in honor of the Indian Holi day.

While Baltimore has elephants, Miami has gone to the bears as the Renaissance Faire moves into town.

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UM sports round up

Boxing cub returns to UM, can now train on campus. They hope to take on UF and FSU within the academic year


UM Ice hockey team honored by Fla. Panthers. I didn’t even know UM had a hockey team, but congratulations anyway!


Hurricane’s start season with 3 game sweep against Rutgers (Baseball)


Sportsfest just ended: Stanford Residential College won (SRC represent!)

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5 years since graduation

So, it has been five years since I graduated from the University of Miami, I know because the university’s Office of Alumni Relations has been reminding me every week since last January. Apparently, enough time has elapsed for me to become nostalgic enough to open my checkbook and make a billion dollar donation. Not gonna happen.


I may not be giving them any money, but a little review won’t hurt. Or at least, I hope not.


I began working for Ignore magazine in November of 2004, just before graduating from UM. I had three stories published online but was only sent one check. I have no idea when I was terminated as I was never notified of any change in publication schedule, but my best guess is October of 2007 (last time their blog was updated).


Fortunately, in April of 2005 I began writing press releases for my old scout troop and then for St Johns UCC both out of Shamokin , Pa. In mid-2008, I began working on my application to the M.F.A program for University of Baltimore . I was rejected, but I had spent far too much time working on said project not to go through with the move anyway.


So, now that we’re up to date, where does that leave us? Simple: it doesn’t, just because I haven’t found my niche yet doesn’t mean that my life is over. It just means I have another five years to find myself (the donation may take a bit longer).

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Outrage – Forbes disses UM in college rankings

Riptide reported this week that a new set of college rankings from Forbes magazine (!) lists the University of Miami as 479 th out of 600 schools ! This despite our otherwise highly rated Medical School , state of the art Nursing School , world class theatre program and, probably most important of all, our own line of high quality licensed scooters! 


The problem, Riptide finds, is the magazine’s utterly ridiculous methodology. The criteria they use is almost comical (number of alumni in Who’s Who of America 2008), but it is their assbackwards scoring system that is the real joke (25% of a school’s score is derived from!

This got me thinking, if the scoring system is backward, than the results they produce must also be backward. This would mean that the University of Miami would actually come in at a more respectable 121 st out of 600 ! It’s not the 51 st that Us News & World Report gives us, but at least, it’s a start. Who knows maybe Forbes will get it right next year.

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