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Travel denied

I got off the plane in LAX at 5:30pm, and made my way to ground transportation so I can find the Disneyland Express check-in area (as I was expecting large kiosk area)…but I couldn’t find one, so I did the unthinkable – I asked someone. They didn’t know, but the next person was able to look it up in her binder…but couldn’t tell me anything about prices or check-in procedures, just to “wait under the orange signs. They run hourly, so the 6pm one should be by shortly.”

I go outside, find one of the orange signs, and while I was looking for the huge blue/yellow Magical Express buses, a white mini-van (not to be confused with a “Minnie Van” in Orlando) with a pink “Disneyland” logo (that I barely saw amidst all the other logos) appears, and before I could process this, they were gone.

Was I under the right platform? Did I not move fast enough? Am I supposed to flag them down like a cab? I don’t know, but I had two more vans pull up to a rolling stop and then shoot off as I approached them. That’s when I remembered, that Disney’s contract with Super Shuttle expires tonight, so the drivers have exactly zero incentive to pick-up or drop-off passengers.

That’s how I ended up on a LAXit bus to the Ride Share at 9:00 at night, going through the narrow rope maze past somewhat bored looking employees (like everyone else in LA are hawt af) before arriving at my Lyft vehicle. Why spend $35 for a shuttle when I can spend $53 on an over-glorified taxi?

But, at least now – 10:35 at night – I’m back in the resort (finally). Tomorrow is when the magic starts…

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