Photos: The sandlot evolves

These are some photos of the former forest next door that is rather noisily transforming into a 7-11.

Thanks to the “stay in place” orders Gov. Desantis issued, I can’t escape it (regardless of how much I want to).

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Travel day

Today is a travel day. Unfortunately, no-one told Lynx this as the bus 111 came a FULL HOUR behind schedule. This means I got to the airport with about 38 minutes before my flight.

Yep, I got to the check-in counter just in time to be told “you missed your flight. We’ll rebook you for Wednesday.”

“Wednesday? What happens to my hotel for TONIGHT and Tuesday?”

“You can do whatever you want,” she shrugged, “…but our next flight into BWI isn’t until Wednesday. I’ll let you think about it. NEXT!”

This means I’m stuck here unless I can find another flight. I check Travelocity, there is an American Airlines flight leaving at 12:03pm…for $491.

The only reason I booked the flight to BWI was because a direct flight into Allentown was $430 on American and MCO to BWI was $87 on Frontier.

Which would YOU rather pay.

I’m on booked the extremely expensive flight to BWI plus $55 “convenience fee” for booking at the counter. Because if this experience is anything, it’s “convenient.”

However, the alternative is going back to the curre apartment and cancelling my hotel, my train on Wednesday from Baltimore to Philly and all of my apartment tours for the week.

In other words, just shrug my shoulders and give up. I can’t afford to do that not for what my rent became as of December 1st (Happy birthday from Epoch Property Management!!).

Lets not forget noisily clearing those woodlands outside window early last month. They are doing less work now (meaning less noise!), but those trees aren’t coming back even after that 7-11 is built.

On the plus side, it’s a lot easier to buy milk there than try to cross Westwood and Central Florida Parkway, but, no, focus… on waiting three hours for my flight’s.

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Photo: Weekend plannings

Hotels, airfares, train schedules, bus service, and apartment tour appointments.

So. Overwhelming.

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Five days of nothing

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Photos: A forest no more

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Photos: A rude awakening

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Photo: I survived

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On Monday, I re re re reported the issues that have been plaguing my apartment. Normally, they come by within a day or two… but today is Friday and no-one has shown.

To be honest, I doubt they’re going to as when I explained my problems to the manager and showed her pictures of my shower, she (as I thought she might) just shrugged and said it was “just a water stain, clean it with vinegar or Comet. But I’ll make a note to check if it is something in your waterline.”

I did legitimately see her typing, but I don’t think she made it a priority (or if it was actually logged at all). I also looked up photos of “red mold” to compare with “water stains.”

I’m not sure. I have mold-like symptoms, but the photos I found do vaguely resemble my master bathroom…but don’t explain the blackish stains in my foyer (my shower is stained ORANGE, so they could be separate issues).

Also, a stain doesn’t explain why I can’t run any of the taps for longer than a few seconds without feel nauseated. However, the orange stains stopped appearing on my clothes when I switch to showering in the second bathroom (though using the sink to brush my teeth still makes me nauseous).

I will update this post if someone comes by on Monday, but I doubt it…

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Orlando heat index: 107 degrees

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Happy Mother’s Day


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