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Transit troubles

Note: These are some actual updates from my Facebook page of the same name about my day going to\getting back from seeing the new exhibit at Orlando Science Center (a traveling one at that). Some of said stats have been edited to fit a more detailed narrative timeline.


10:56am – Chased out of the apartment by the obnoxious noise the landscape crew was making with their mowers and whackers. I got everything together to go out… just in time to see them packing up as well. Maybe a little adventure will give this headache a chance to go away…

11:35am – Disembarked at Lynx Central Station and immediately traded my transfer pass for a Sunrail card as I figured (wrongly as it turned out) that an 11-minute train ride would be easier than a 25 minute bus ride… or it would have been except the last morning train left six minutes ago…and “mid-day” trains come at TWO HOUR INTERVALS?

11:55am – I am strongly considering opening my Lyft app and requesting a fricken ride. The only problem is the battery on my phone is running out so I shut it down for the remainder of the afternoon to conserve power.

12:25pm – I am hungry, and decide to go into the actual station itself to get something to eat. It turns out, the building itself is pretty bare bones with restrooms (complete with not-at-all-creepy “these restrooms are being monitored…” sign #eww), vending machines and a rack of schedules across from the entrance (which was closed due to maintenance).

12:47pm – I just finished lunch at their tiny in-station café. No menu, no tables and the cashier tried to rip me off, but it filled 15 minutes so whatever. Yeah, meanwhile, I am sitting here realizing how noisy it is out here: birds, buses coming\going, station announcements and guys with leaf blowers (because someone hates me today).

-1:13pm – Only fifteen minutes to go. ^_^

-1:28pm – After watching two Amtrak and one southbound Sunrail train zoom past me, the Northbound train to Orlando Health finally arrives.

-3:38pm – On my way back from Orlando science center. I was there to see their temporary exhibit #AstronautOSC. I haven’t decided if it is worth writing a review of or not. I like space stuff, but this exhibition was kind of #meh.

-5:04pm – Got on at the wrong bus at the transfer so the driver rudely threw me off at the last stop. He did begrudgingly let me back on 15 minutes later with a condescending lecture about it being “YOUR responsibility to make sure you get on the right bus.”

Sorry, I keep forgetting I CHOSE to have a brand-new car totaled by a teenager I never saw coming. The best part, the state rewarded my pain and suffering by revoking MY license forcing me to deal with assholes like this. 😡

-5:21pm – Thanks to that blunder, I arrived at The Florida Mall about 40 minutes later than I planned. I have less than 20 minutes to get dinner on the opposite side of the mall before my transfer pass expires (as he refused to issue me a new one). Fortunately, it’s a food court, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

6:20pm – On my way back now, I had to use my last remaining ones as my transfer pass expired just as I was leaving the food court… but I still haven’t decided if I’m doing a full write-up my visit to OSC. Fortunately, I have just over a half-hour to make up my mind…

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Thanksgiving adventures

10:21am – Woke up “late,” but decided since my reservation wasn’t until 6:50pm that I had a little time to spare before heading out. I logged onto FB (where most of the following items were originally posted) and shared the first “Happy Thanksgiving” photo I saw on my “News Feed.”

-1:59pm – Had lunch here and am now going around looking for fun holiday stuff to photograph. Sadly, I may have to go elsewhere, as decor has been decidedly underwhelming so far. – At Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

-2:23pm – Arrive at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and immediately begin snapping pictures of the giant tree in front of the entrance. It doesn’t fit in my viewfinder, but the presents\train and oversized film reels at the base do. I spend the next hour trying to snap as many holiday decorations as I can (somewhat complicated by all the other people around doing the same thing)

-4:09pm – left the “Sneak preview” of The Good Dinosaur at One Man’s Dream when I left a comment on Orlando Weekly’s post about Thanksgiving in Central Florida: “I’m thankful the cast members are here and spending their holiday with me instead of their families.”

Two minutes later I get a message about a reply to my comment: a picture of a cat with the caption “Why don’t you donate blood – ALL OF IT!”

Congratulations, I’m in the middle of Disney World on a holiday and I’m completely 100% PISSED OFF! Thank you, guy who literally thinks I fucking kill myself, my Thanksgiving is now completely RUINED! Trust me, that is NOT an exaggeration.

-6:51pm – Dinner at Hollywood & Vine. I got a photo with Santa Goofy at the entrance. The food was excellent, but I was extremely annoyed when I specifically asked Mickey for a picture and be blew me off – just like Stitch did at PCH Grill three years ago.

-7:56pm – finished eating about 20 minutes ago, but can’t leave because I have photos of all the characters… except ONE and he’s on the other side of the restaurant.

-9:13pm – Left the restaurant and got onto the 2nd boat out of the park – which happened to pick up as the climactic fireworks for Fantasmic were going off. We got out towards Boardwalk as the fireworks for “Wishes” (EPCOT) were starting – perfect view of both shows!

-9:42pm – Damnit, I just posted about what a wonderful night I was having and then I got to Epcot just to be turned away because the park was “closed to all non-guests.”

“I’m not here for the attractions or the restaurants. I need to get to the Transportation & Ticket Center and the ONLY way to get to the Transportation & Ticket Center is by monorail and the only monorail line that stops there is the EPCOT line.”

“Sorry, I can’t let you into the park unless you are staying on-property. You’ll need to go to one of the resorts and then catch a bus from there to another park where you can get a bus which you can take you to your bus stop.”

10:02pm – the closest resort to Epcot is the Beach Club. I love the decorations throughout the lobby area with the train display and looking for a restroom lead me halfway to the Yacht Club with its festive gingerbread houses. It’s also where I (eventually) found the bus stop at the far end of the sidewalk outside the convention center.

10:35pm – Get to the Lynx bus stop at the far side of Disney Springs exactly as the bus is pulling into the station. Things are finally starting to look up. 😀

11:02pm – return to the unit. I am sweaty and exhausted, but I am far too aggravated to sleep.

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