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Happy birthday, mom

Today is my mom’s 79th birthday. She died in March after a rather sudden illness.

As for today, I’m feeling okay. Not great, just okay. I know my brother Andrew says I view her death as a minor “inconvenience,” and, true or not (dad’s death meant nothing to me, mom’s was a tad more complicated due to how sudden it was), he has Power of Attorney over me through the estate so, legally speaking, I’m not allowed to argue with him about it.

It’s also one of Shamokin’s premiere Holiday Parties – and a personal favorite of my mom’s due to the selection of foods and, of course, the fact that it is hosted by one of her best friends so it was unofficially her birthday party as well. However, due to the second fact, I decided it would be too difficult on me to attend this party (though her food spread really is quite remarkable).

They say the first holiday without a loved one is the hardest. They also say it doesn’t get any easier. Factor in Autism and it’s easy to see why the confusion how to think, feel and react gets even worse. Thankfully, I live alone, so I don’t have to deal with anyone telling me I’m over (or under) reacting to things. However, come to think of it, a little support isn’t too much to ask for – today or any other day…



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Photos: Christmas Eve at Disney Springs

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Photo: That feeling when someone likes my blog

I love this shot. I just wish I was smiling.

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On Monday, I re re re reported the issues that have been plaguing my apartment. Normally, they come by within a day or two… but today is Friday and no-one has shown.

To be honest, I doubt they’re going to as when I explained my problems to the manager and showed her pictures of my shower, she (as I thought she might) just shrugged and said it was “just a water stain, clean it with vinegar or Comet. But I’ll make a note to check if it is something in your waterline.”

I did legitimately see her typing, but I don’t think she made it a priority (or if it was actually logged at all). I also looked up photos of “red mold” to compare with “water stains.”

I’m not sure. I have mold-like symptoms, but the photos I found do vaguely resemble my master bathroom…but don’t explain the blackish stains in my foyer (my shower is stained ORANGE, so they could be separate issues).

Also, a stain doesn’t explain why I can’t run any of the taps for longer than a few seconds without feel nauseated. However, the orange stains stopped appearing on my clothes when I switch to showering in the second bathroom (though using the sink to brush my teeth still makes me nauseous).

I will update this post if someone comes by on Monday, but I doubt it…

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Photo: Trying to listen

This is one of my pet peeves, when someone repeats themselves just as I’m about to answer them… just so I can process it all over again. 😒

“If you answered me the FIRST time, i wouldn’t have to repeat myself.” 🤦‍♂️

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Photo: I wonder what today is…

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