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On Monday, I re re re reported the issues that have been plaguing my apartment. Normally, they come by within a day or two… but today is Friday and no-one has shown.

To be honest, I doubt they’re going to as when I explained my problems to the manager and showed her pictures of my shower, she (as I thought she might) just shrugged and said it was “just a water stain, clean it with vinegar or Comet. But I’ll make a note to check if it is something in your waterline.”

I did legitimately see her typing, but I don’t think she made it a priority (or if it was actually logged at all). I also looked up photos of “red mold” to compare with “water stains.”

I’m not sure. I have mold-like symptoms, but the photos I found do vaguely resemble my master bathroom…but don’t explain the blackish stains in my foyer (my shower is stained ORANGE, so they could be separate issues).

Also, a stain doesn’t explain why I can’t run any of the taps for longer than a few seconds without feel nauseated. However, the orange stains stopped appearing on my clothes when I switch to showering in the second bathroom (though using the sink to brush my teeth still makes me nauseous).

I will update this post if someone comes by on Monday, but I doubt it…

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